Shon Burnett

Performing on the Community Stage

Friday May 5, 2017

3:00 - 3:40pm

Shon Burnett’s musical journey begins in Bangkok, Thailand, where he was born to a Canadian father and a Thai mother.

From an early age, Shon expressed a strong interest in music, and to encourage this, his parents enrolled him in piano lessons. At the same time, Shon would teach himself the guitar, drums, bass guitar, ukulele and viola.

At the age of 9, Shon decided that he wanted to try his hand as a street musician, and while busking one Sunday at Bangkok’s world-famous Chatuchak Weekend Market (the world's largest outdoor market), Shon caught the eye of one of Thailand's greatest rock stars, Rang Rockestra, who was so impressed with Shon’s performance that he invited Shon to join him at his studio the following week.

After auditioning for Rang and several of his colleagues, Shon was added to Rockestra’s roster of entertainers, a role he quickly grew into. At only 10 years of age, it was a dream come true, and within days, Shon began a period of intense training under the guidance of Rockestra who was to teach Shon, among other things, the “art” of the performance, important lessons that Shon would never forget. Within weeks, and while still undergoing his training, Shon began to perform at a variety of venues, including concerts, hotels, shopping centres, clubs, bars and private functions. At 10, and then 11 years of age, Shon was, through hard work and experience, becoming a great singer, performer and musician.

In fact, in 2012, at only 10 years of age, Shon entered the " KPOP Star Hunt 2" singing contest, a Fox International TV production, making it to the Finals (Top 10) in Thailand.

The following year, in 2013, at only 11 years of age, Shon then became a TOP 7 Series Finalist on "The Trainer 5," a televised reality talent show and singing contest broadcast on Modernine TV in Thailand, a country of 70-million people.

Later that same year, Shon embarked on an entirely new adventure when his family decided to return to Canada. Within weeks, and in not wanting to lose what he had learned, Shon began to perform at open mics, and in 2014, at only 12 years of age, Shon became a TOP 6 Series Finalist on YTV Canada's "The Next Star 7."

Three years, 3 televised singing competitions, weekly performances at concerts, hotels, clubs, bars and shopping centres... Wow! That's a lot of experience for a 13-year-old!

And the journey has only just begun.