Ben Dunnill

Performing on the Community Stage

May 5, 2017

12:00 - 12:40pm and 2:00 - 2:40pm


Ben Dunnill is a 17 year old singer/piano player from White Rock, BC. He performs a variety of jazz, rock, and other genres. Ben currently is the resident pianist and singer at Bin 101 in White Rock. Ben also performs at a variety of weddings, Corporate events, Local Festivals, Private parties and concerts..Growing up in a musical family Ben always has enjoyed performing in front of a crowd including musical theater, competitive dance and piano recitals. Ever since winning City Jam 2011, Ben has been sharing his love of music throughout the community. What sets Ben apart from other young musicians is the fact he sings and plays, writes his own material and has a diverse musical repertoire. Ben is currently in the process of recording his second studio album. He has been a guest on the ViaMia show, Shaws "Generation" and was named by the Vancouver Press as one of the "Top ten musicians to look out for this year";  Ben is also on the roster with Siegel Entertainment.